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Author; Steve Birdsall

Cost $20.00

ISBN: 0-385-03870-4

Published 1973

Various stories about this aircraft including the famous “Lady Be Good” lost over the desert and subject to a movie. Very good pictures black and white plus a page of colour showing different Liberators.  340 pages has the dust cover out of a ten for condition I would rate this at a five. +++See also model kits Airfix 1:72 scale of the famous Liberator.+++

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Author Roger A. Freeman

ISBN: 0-87938-495-6

Cost $99.99

I have seen this book on different sites for sale ranging from $45.00 U.S. to $320.35 U.S or $429.22 Cdn. This is a wealth of knowledge to those interested in the “Mighty Eighth”  508 pages with multiple photo’s showing the logs of missions done by this bombing group.

Condition out of ten I would say an easy 9.5. the dust cover is intact pages are nice and clean.

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SIXTY YEARS The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984.

Author General editor Larry Milberry.

Price: $30.00

ISBN: 0-9690703-4-9

Published This is a fourth printing 1987

Well if you need to know anything about the RCAF/CF this is your bible. 480 pages of information and has black and white plus colour photo’s. What a complete wealth of information this book is in almost new condition. Has the dust cover and pages are clean. Out of ten I would give it an eight, check prices on other sites..

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Word of the day: Startrek = Air Strike

The Encyclopedia of Trains and Locomotives.

Author:  C.J. Riley.

Price; $29.00


Published 2002.

Like new this book has 224 very informative pages. Colour and black and white pictures that range from Engines to travel posters. Are you building a train model or diorama this help your ideas. Need more information? Just contact me for payment and shipping details. You pay the actual cost of shipping, or better still drop by and pick it up. I have numerous other train books and train items in stock.



Hidden Horrors

Price $19.99

Author: Yuki Tanaka

ISBN; None found in book

Published 1996

Here is an eye opener for you interested in the WW 2 Asia conflict. Having read this book I am honestly disgusted at what took place to POW and civilians. A MUST READ!  This book documents for the first time previously hidden Japanese atrocities in World War II, including cannibalism; the slaughter and starvation of prisoners of war; the rape, enforced prostitution, and murder of noncombatants; and biological warfare experiments.The author describes how desperate Japanese soldiers consumed the flesh of their own comrades killed in fighting as well as that of Australians, Pakistanis, and Indians. Another chapter traces the fate of 65 shipwrecked Australian nurses and British soldiers who were shot or stabbed to death by Japanese soldiers. Thirty-two other nurses, who landed on another island, were captured and sent to Sumatra to become comfort women –prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Tanaka recounts how thousands of Australian and British POWs died in the infamous Sandakan camp in the Borneo jungle in 1945. Those who survived were forced to endure a tortuous 160-mile march on which anyone who dropped out of line was immediately shot. Only six escapees lived to tell the tale.Based on exhaustive research in previously closed archives, this book represents a landmark analysis of Japanese war crimes. The author explores individual atrocities in their broader social, psychological, and institutional milieu and places Japanese behavior during the war in the broader context of the dehumanization of men at war–without denying individual and national responsibility.

The books front cover has a knife cut in it pages are clean and some black and white pictures. 267 pages of very interesting facts. Will ship worldwide payment details get in touch please at: