Airfix 1:76 scale Type 97 Medium Tank CHI HA *** More Armour to be added to site***

Model number A01319

Price $8.50


The type 97 medium tank Chi-Ha was used by the Imperial Japanese Army prior to and during WW 11.  It was the most widely-produced Japanese medium tank of WW 11.  Great for a diorama using figures A01718 WW 11 Japanese Infantry.. I hope you will enjoy this build…

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Model number A01307

Price $8.00


This is a famous Soviet tank was used as a breakout tank and bunker buster.. The model comes in the form of Guards Tank Unit, Union of Soviet Socialists republic, 1945/6. Do you have a question? please get in touch and I will answer them for you.


Airfix 1:76 Tiger 1 tank

Model number A01398

Price $7.50


The famous German Tiger 1 was produced in 1941. Armed with the 88 gun it became a feared tank by the Allied Forces. It was involved in all major conflicts of the war. two versions offered in this kit. Panzer Kampfwagen V1 Tiger, German Army 1) North Africa 1943. Panzer Kampfwagen V1 Tiger, German Army2) Normandy, June 1944.

Good Hunting! Skill level 2 on this kit. I have built many of these over the years and they still are a very good kit. So please Enjoy Our Hobby!

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Model number A01306

Price$ 7.50

Airifx has a great older kit here, this was a famous piece of WW11 German armour. A 75MM gun mounted on a Panzer 111 chassis, this piece of armour was used thoughtout the war in every theatre. this kit can be built in the German Army version or Werhmacht 1942-1945. I will ship worldwide if wanted or you can drop by and pick it up. Questions on payment or shiiping just conatc me at:



A01309 Bren Gun Carrier & 6PDR Anti-Tank Gun   $7.50

A01311 German Armoured car Sd.KFZ.234.     $9.00

A02321 Churchill Crocodile Tank $11.50

A02330 Vickers Light Tank MK.V1, a/b/c  $9.50

A03310 PZKW V1 AUSF.B “KING TIGER”  $15.00

A02335 Matilda ‘Hedgehog’   $7.50

There are always more coming and going so get in touch with what it is you need for our hobby….


Model number





Model number





Airfix 1:72 scale WW11 RAF Vehicle Set.

Model number A03311

Price $17.00

What an add on to your aircraft some soft skinned vehicles for the airfield. Perhaps in N. Africa or even in the South of England during the “Phony War Days” Those days soon came to an end when the Germans set out to destroy all of the airfields. So you get the following Standard Light Utility Vehicle known as Standard 12hp 4x2 “Tilly”. BSA M20 Motorcycle 500cc and a Bedford MWC Water carrier or Bedford MWD light truck.

Why not add on Revell Pilots and Ground Crew…

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ACADEMY 1:72 WW11 Ground vehicle set- 4 U.S. AMBULANCE & TOW TRUCK

Model number 13403

Price $19,99

This is the must for your diorama showing the bomber returning from a mission.. Wounded aircrew being off loaded for transport to the base hospital.. The classic truck used in this version can be seen in so many places there was fighting. What about a winter scene in the battle Europe or even the far east. I saw these trucks being used still in the Middle east in the 60’s. The tug motor again an island scene with the tug pulling a aircraft to the flight line..Use your imagination and have fun..

Word of the day.. Soldier On….To carry on working no matter what..

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Aifix, Bofors 40mm Gun & Tractor

Model number 02314

Price $9.00

What a great old kit! use for your airfield defense or on the battle ground. the tractor unit is great and can be used in many applications. Dig the 40mm Bofors in the sand have the crew ready for action..

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Word of the day, BERM Defensive earth bank used as basic fortification in the Saudi Desert.. Well why are you standing there get your shovel and dig lad…



Model number




Revell 1:72 Pilots & Ground crew RAF WW 11.

Model number 02401

Price $17.25

You get 25 figures and 101 unpainted pieces total. Great for the airdrome diorama… Very good quality on these figures and a pleasure to paint.

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Model number 6019

Price $9.00

Famous kit and figure make ITALERI Teutonic Knights in 1:72 scale, you get 31 unpainted figure. Very good value and they paint very well.

A model hint! Wash all parts in warm soapy water, rinse well and dry with a kitchen table cloth..I know you just want to get at them to paint and display. I always let them sit overnight to make sure they are dry. The next step is optional I always give an undercoat using Tamiya Surface Primer available here at the store ($10.00) this will last you years!! Then start painting your figures, remember to do your research and always do not forget the Friday the 13th..

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Hat 1:72 scale Gothic Cavalry

Model number 8085

Price $13.00

If you see this bunch riding up your driveway you had better get running the wife and kids will be alright it is you they are after… 12 figures in various poses all mounted. Great for a diorama battle scene. Lots of 1:72 figures available get in touch I may have what it is you are looking for. Sounds like a song…

Also available at this time are the following boxed unpainted sets. The more you purchase the better the deal I will give you:

7002 WW1 French infantry $9.99

7006 Waterloo Prussian LANDWEHR $9.99

8002 1815 Prussian Dragoons $9.99

8008 Napoleonic Brunswick Avant Garde $9.99

8016 Russian Cuirassiers $9.99

8024 Numidian Cavalry $9.99

8044 Alexander’s Light Infantry $13.00

8046 Alexander’s Thracians $9.99

8047 Alexander’s Macedonian Cavalry $9.99

8048 Alexander’s Thessalian Cavalry $9.99

8050 Persian Heavy Cavalry $9.99

8057 Persian Light Infantry $13.00

8059 Persian Heavy infantry $9.99

8068 Ancient Germans $13.00

8076 Persian Medium Cavalry $9.99

8077 Persian Light Cavalry $9.99

8079 Nubian Infantry $13.00

8085 Gothic cavalry $13.00

8089 Gallic Warband $13.00

8117 Achaemenid Persian Army $13.99

8121 Assyrian Allied Infantry $13.00

8131 Indian Cavalry IV BC $9.50

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AIRFIX Figures Available at Store at this time.

Model number A0716

Price $9.00

At this time in the store are the following 1:72 scale boxed unpainted figures:

A01716 WW11 U.S. Marines $9.00

A01718 WW11 Japanese Infantry $7.50

A01705 WW11 German Infantry $7.50

A01763 WW11 British Infantry $7.50

I can however get lots of other AIRFIX or other ranges in 1:72 scale and their 1:32 scale figures. Just get in touch and I will see availability for you. Any other question just get in touch with me. Watch these pages as I will get more items in all the time..


Word of the day: Quack=Medical Officer.


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Airfix 1:72 Grumman Widgeon/Gosling

Model number A01073

Price $9.00

Two sets of decals for this great kit, RAF or U.S. Coast Guard versions. Make a diorama of her sitting on a beach or dock… There are thousands of figures that can be added to this kit.

Enjoy the hobby..

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Airfix 1:72 FOCKE WULF Fw190D

Model number A01064

Price $8.00

This aircraft entered service late in the war.  October 1944 the “Dora” as it was nicknamed saw high success rate as a fighter bomber and top cover fighter. at this time the Luftwaffe as with the rest of the German military was having fuel supply problems. By may of 1945 there had been over 700 of these aircraft built.

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Airfix Douglas TBD-1 DEVASTATOR

Model number A02034

Price $12.00

Prior to the attack on Pearl harbor and the war with Japan this aircraft was used by the U.S. Navy’ Torpedo Squadrons. this type of aircraft took part in all the major sea battles in the early months following the devasting attack in December 1941.

you can build from the box either version.

U.S.N. Torpedo Sqn. VT-5 USS. Yorktown CV-5

U.S.N. Torpedo Sqn. VT-8 USS Hornet CV-8

Great for a on carrier take of scene! use your mind to create a diorama!! or buy a book with pictures to copy from. Lots in stock for you..



Decals Books full of them !!!!!!!!!!!!

Model number M38

Price $5.00

Just to let you know I have available to you several books full of different types of decals for aircraft and vehicles. Contact for details or send your want list along…

Better deal for quantity buys…


Airfix 1:72 scale CONSOLIDATED B-24 LIBERATOR B.V1

Model number A06010

Price $43.00

Offered is the RAF version “Wondering Witch” No 335 Squadron, RAF South East Asia Command 1945. Also the “Kentucky Belle” 706 Bomb Squadron 446th Bomber Group, 8th Air Force, at Royal Air Force, Bungay, Suffolk, England 1944. you can choose between either aircraft. please look at my book section as I have a very informative book on the Liberator “Log Of The Liberators” Also I have seven books on the Mighty Eighth  so please take a look at them..

This is a small selection so far of kits that I have available to you! So if you have a want let me know and I will try to source it for you.

EASTERN EXPRESS 1:72 scale Bomber Martin 167 “Maryland”

Model number 72268

Price $19.99

Cannot tell you much about this company, made in Russia, still factory sealed. I have not made any of their product so I am in the blind here. Came in a large collection I bought, so you know as much about this company now as I do.. Will ship worldwide, buyer pays actual cost. Questions just get in contact please at the following.


Remember all prices are in Canadian dollars unless stated otherwise.

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Hasegawa McDonnell Douglas A-4F SKYHAWK 1:72 scale

Model number JS-048:200

Price $15.00

Box has no wrap, however the kit is factory sealed, I do have another same kit which has been started, will do a deal for both kits if wanted. Ship worldwide or drop by and pick it up. Lots to see here at “The Dragoon” questions get in touch..


Lots of kits in all scale to many to list. Let me know what you are looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Model number A01005

Price $8.50

Description: The famous Japanese Air Force aircraft… Used throughout WW 2 this aircraft was designed with lite armour for more maneuverability. this is a very good kit and will only add to your collection… Ship worldwide the buyer pays shipping… Contact for more detals…


Title AIRFIX 1:72 scale KAMOV Ka-25A/C

Model number 903042

Price $17.00

Discription Vintage Soviet aircraft, this is a older Airfix kit which I bought in Belfast N. Ireland in 1984… Unopen box a great addition to your collection.. Ship worldwide buyer pays postage…


Model number





Model number A75001

Price $34.00

Just what you need for your diorama! now how many German tanks are in the picture? There are two also they are Not included but what you get is a undecorated resin model. This example is from Northern France but similar buildings can be found anyplace.

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Imagine what you can do…Enjoy our hobby…


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